More Than Chemistry

Expert Care

Since 1977, AquaTrol has been providing quality solutions with a personal touch. With a wide range of chemical offerings and solutions, our knowledgeable representatives bring service beyond water treatment.

Seldom is the importance of water treatment realized until there are issues. Without it — or without it done properly — water can cause costly damage to equipment and even create health hazards. We provide full-service water treatment customized for your system and its unique needs to allow you to operate at peak efficiency and with peace of mind. Our goal is for you to know your needs are covered, so you can focus where you need to most, your core business.

Valued Partners

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable, experienced industry professionals who average over 20 years in the water treatment field. We strive to be invaluable resources in order to become extensions of our customers’ businesses. We treat your business as our own, for the long-term. In fact, we have been servicing our oldest customer for nearly 40 years! We have the knowledge; we bring the service, and you can rest easy knowing your water treatment needs are in capable hands.

Customers Across Industries

Water is essential not only to life but also to business. Water treatment is necessary to operate facilities, maintain communities, and safeguard public health. AquaTrol services satisfied customers across every major industry.

What Customers Say

“We’ve been with AquaTrol for 26 years and are very satisfied with their service. We used to do water testing in-house but there is no need for that now, working with the AquaTrol team. We rely on their knowledge and expertise and have not been disappointed.”

Midland Center for the Arts, MI

“AquaTrol’s knowledge of wastewater treatment helped our facility with improving our treatment process while reducing cost. Their customer service is excellent due to their prompt response to our needs and knowledge of wastewater treatment.”

Vulcraft, SC

“Since 2002 I have had the pleasure of working on countless water and wastewater projects with AquaTrol…my association with the company has enriched my company with delighted customers and long-lasting relationships both in our business and personal worlds. I could not give a stronger testimony of approval for any water/wastewater technology company.”

Glanris, Inc., TN