About Us

Part of the Momar Family

Water treatment can be complicated, but we are not. We provide quality solutions with a personal touch. AquaTrol is part of the Momar family, and with a wide range of chemical offerings and solutions, our knowledgeable representatives bring service beyond water treatment. Being privately owned allows us to focus on service and to do things the right way, quickly and efficiently.

Foundation in Chemicals

Momar was founded in 1947 and has been family owned and operated since the inception. We have seen growth every year since our founding because of our fundamental focus on customer satisfaction. AquaTrol was conceived in 1977, as the second division of Momar. With forty plus years in the water treatment industry, you can be confident we can address your treatment needs. Being family owned, we are nimble and flexible, which allows us to customize and tailor treatment programs and chemical products for your specific needs.

Testing for Perfection

Our in-house lab, with a team of industry experts, provides excellent analytical capabilities to support a wide range of aqueous sampling applications through a series of routine and specialized analyses. Our routine analyses serve as a regular system audit to ensure that all parameters fall within optimal operation specifications. Our specialized analyses ensure the flexibility required to meet water quality application needs for conventional, regulatory, treatment, and site characterization applications.

We are full service, with the capability to address all water treatment concerns. With an extensive array of testing, we can fully diagnose and identify all water treatment issues, from chemical oxygen demand (COD), Escherichia coli, in depth metals analysis, and Legionella pneumophila, to many, many more.

Our team of chemists are determined to provide accurate results, in a timely manner, to ensure effective treatment and maintenance for your systems. We bring the expertise, giving you the peace of mind.